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Wednesday 20 September 2017

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An American website to test start-up ideas online

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par Elsa Sidawy | 01.17.11

Are you looking for sensible advice from experts and users for your start-up project? StartUpLift offers start-up companies to display their development ideas and get some sensible feedback. But how can you draw pertinent and really useful remarks on a mere website? The idea is that people posting the best comments, which will be brought to the forefront, can be remunerated by the start-up itself. Once the start-up managers have registered on StartUpLift and posted a short summary of the idea or the concept on which they wish to have some feedback, they can reward the best comments at the price of $5 per post. This is a kind of online consulting and user test that is cheaper and more collaborative. Once comments have been posted and prizes awarded, the start-up keeps its space on the platform.

Source: Springwise

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