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Wednesday 20 September 2017

In Ireland, Carpooling is getting dynamic

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Cleantech Republic | Elsa Sidawy | 05.20.11

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To lesson the number of cars on the road, there was carpooling. In Ireland, the start-up Avego has launched with great fanfare Avego Driver, an application that links drivers and passengers in real time, thus inventing dynamic carpooling. Drivers wishing to profit from their journeys can find, thanks to their smartphone, people situated on the same route and vice versa. “We are capable of alerting a driver of passengers who are looking for a ride on the same route,” says Jonathan Guard, commercial director of Avego at Cleantech Republic. Besides the usual features offered by applications such as driver ratings, passengers can directly debit his or her fare to Avego, eliminating the need for any money exchange. As far as costs of travel, the charge is 20 centimes (euro) per kilometer, insurance included, a sum that Avego distributes at the end of the voyage.

corps_avego_110520Experiments in China, the United States, and Norway
To demonstrate the service’s viability, Avego is presently running several pilot programs in different cities across the globe. In Seattle, Avego Driver has seduced 260 drivers and 750 passengers, including Microsoft employees. To convince policy makers, the Irish start-up is focusing on the eco advantages of the application, showing the CO2 emission savings of each journey on the application’s virtual dashboard. In China, the Dalian Ascendas IT Park, many of whose employees come home from work by taxi, would reduce transport costs by 40% according to the application’s creators. In Bergen, Norway, a city that has imposed a congestion tax to fund public transit, Avego Driver has been tested on local businesses. Nice will offer the first French version of the application, unless the recommendations of the Interministerial Committee for Road Safety (CISR), which last week introduced record sanctions on motorists caught holding phones while driving, object to its use in France.


Translated by Genny Cortinovis

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