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Friday 20 October 2017

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In Caracas, mimes ease traffic tension

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par Olivier Genevois | 11.07.11

Venezuela’s capital Caracas plans to manage its traffic flow in an unusual fashion. In addition to traffic police, 120 mimes dressed up as clowns were sent into the city’s streets. Their role? Curb the risky behavior of pedestrians and drivers, not by force or repression, but through silence.
Using humor to raise awareness is not exactly a new concept, but seeing it in this particular context is unusual. The method surprises, challenges, and who knows, might shift a mindset through a smile.

Although the jeers of eternal grumblers can be heard now and again, most people seemed to warm easily to the game and welcomed the initiative, according to organizers’ testimonies.

In the heart of the city, between horns, sirens and other deafening noise, the only way to be heard is to remain silent. So if you happen to be stopped by a clown with a mischievous and reproachful air remember this new adage: drivers, be on your best behavior, mimes are on the beat.

Translated by Genny Cortinovis

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Eva | 11.15.15 à 04.08

The sheer brilliance of this line is aamizng “Nothing like raising a frosty, frothy Ebenezer in defiance of zealotry everywhere.”My goodness, how do you just do that? Truly aamizng.

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