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Friday 20 October 2017

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I-Dispo, a concierge service to book appointments online

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par Elsa Sidawy | 12.23.11

Time is money. The founders of I-Dispo had this in mind when they launched an online concierge service for private individuals. The objective of this new online service is to help users better organise their schedules by enabling them to book a service or organise their appointments online. And this, with the help of a computer, a tablet or a Smartphone connected to the Internet.

No more waiting on IVRs
I-Dispo is based on the following observation: whether it be at the garage mechanic’s, at the dentist’s or at the hairdresser’s, most appointments are made after preliminary research via an online search engine. Officially launched last July, the platform offers to facilitate contact with the searched-for service providers through online booking. This service saves people waiting when they are on the phone with an answering machine or an IVR. “It makes things easier if, on a Sunday evening for instance, you have several appointments to make for the following week,” Ismael Nzouetom, one of the five founders of I-Dispo, explains.

Using the service indeed turns out to be simpler than making a phone call. Users just have to download the application on their computers or mobile phones. As soon as they make online searches, a purple button appears beside the names of the professionals listed by the application. When they click on that button, they can make appointments directly while choosing the most suitable times. Once this has been done, the information is sent to the professionals, who can send customers confirmation of their appointments via SMSs, e-mails, automated calls or via their own appointment-making applications. “Professionals don’t change their ways of working. Moreover a call centre guarantees quality of service and handles requests when professionals don’t answer. Customers are therefore certain that their requests will be handled.


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A global concierge service
Even though concierge services are mainly aimed at companies, they are legion now. In order to distance themselves from others, I-Dispo offers a full online service that is complementary to what already exists. There is great competition with other online booking websites, like La Fourchette or Sans rendez-vous. So “we turned our competitors into partners. Our aim is to provide private individuals with a single platform on which they can make reservations for all of these services. We amalgamate all these players – and no player has positioned itself on that global approach yet.

A free service
Their other strong point is that the service is free for private individuals and professionals. 200,000 professionals are now listed via the platform. For them, like for private individuals, the service is offered. To pay itself, the company provides its multimedia appointment-making technology to companies that need it as a white label service. Here is their second source of income, which will soon be launched: when users search for a “garage mechanic in Lyons” without mentioning any name for instance, a list of affiliated professionals will appear in the search engine. Those that appear with a small purple button have informed I-Dispo that they were willing to pay a (variable) commission in order to benefit from this advertising. I-Dispo will get paid as soon as a customer will have made a booking via the application. “For them, it is like a new advertising platform whose model speaks for itself and immediately generates turnover.” While guaranteeing customers that they call the best service providers, the CEO claims.

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Translated by Oona Bijasson

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