Richard Florida

Friday 20 October 2017

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Rotterdam’s Crowd-Funded Pedestrian Bridge

Jeroen Beekmans

Blog author : Pop-Up City

In Caracas, mimes ease traffic tension

Olivier Genevois

Blog author : Quinte & Sens

Pop-up kitchen tours the world promoting Singaporean cuisine

Reinier Evers

Blog author : Springwise

The Sol-Violette of Toulouse, an engine of economic solidarity

Adrien Geneste

Blog author :

Ubi Park, an RFID-secured bicycle shed

Xavier Cadeau

Blog author : Weelz

Ottawa is counting on data release to encourage innovation

Youmani Jérôme Lankoandé

Blog author : Innovaclass

Car sharing in France incipient but promising

Laurent Meillaud

Blog author : Lièvre ou Tortue

Public Poster, the solar and interactive public board

Gregory Sant

Blog author : Alltrends

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